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"most unlucky person"
I am the most unlucky person. I've been inclined to losing valuables and it's driving me insane. Lately, it's my laptop. I just lost it a week ago because I was so irresponsible. I forgot to pick it up after I ate at a cafeteria!You would ask: Who leaves their laptops? ME! insane, right? Losing valuable stuff is taking a toll on me already. I'm going bonkers! i don't know if I'll tell my parents or I'll just make it appear that I sold the laptop and hand them over my savings...

It's ok for me not to have a laptop or anything that's valuable. I've learned my lesson anyway: Not to own anything too pricy... what I'm afraid of is giving my parents stress. they have a lot on their plate already.

So what do I do? tell them or make up a story about selling the laptop?
posted by ms.unlucky (age 17) on 9/27/2008 @9:23:08 PM •
It's ok. I think u should tell ur parents the truth. I think that they would appreciate ur honesty then u lieing to them. As for losing stuff all the time maybe u can try to slowdown just a bit and practice focusing more on u, ur stuff, and ur suroundings. Good Luck & Think Posative.
posted by leala (age 39) on 10/6/2008
okay you're not "unlucky" you're just irresponsible. But that's not in an offensive way, so are many other people including myself at times. Tell your parents the truth, they're gonna be pissed but what else are you gonna do? Then come up with ways to fix your problem, like how you're going to raise money to buy a new laptop and ways to be less forgetful. I just don't want you to think you're just simply "unlucky" when there's a solution to the problem.
posted by traci (age 20) on 10/6/2008

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