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Well he is 8 yrs younger than me (he 25 me 33)and says he is ready for more and done playing the field and i took him at his word and he seemed to really like me and wanted to spend time w/ me and contacted me at least 4 times a week.And we were getting together every weekend.then we had a pregnancy scare and since then we havnt really seen each other (i thot he bailed) and he started contacting me less and only late on weekends to try and hook up and i dont do hook ups so i turned him down.Im some one who wants respect.And after not seeing each other for about 3 weeks we got together and were hangin w/ his friends and he must of forgot i was sitting there and started talking about another girl and how the last few weekends he went out he had danced w/ girls and even got real drunk one night that he doesnt remember and made out w/ a couple girls and he had to be told about it.I was upset and we some what talked and i told him if he wasnt for real about me then dont waste my time.he seems to be coming back around now but im not positive.Just dont know if this can work? im confussed and not sure if i should give it a shot or walk away now before i really get hurt?
posted by kdc on 10/1/2008 @5:43:18 AM •
walk away.
he thinks of you as a friend.. he brought you around the boys and talked boy talk with you.. hes not serious.. walk away, before you realllly get hurt.
posted by chelsea on 10/5/2008
walk away im shure he like you as a friend
posted by lala on 10/6/2008
I would say that he was really into you, but the pregnancy scared REALLY scared him. I am a woman who is dating a man 12 years younger (27 and 39). A man who is only 25 and is not yet ready for a family can be scared to death by the thought of becoming a father. I think he just took a step back and is trying to distance himself by going out, drinking, other girls, etc. I would meet with him, just the two of you, and discuss the pregnancy scare and how it affected each of you. Find out his feelings regarding the matter. Discuss ways to assure it doesn't happen again. If you have deep feelings for him, let him know. Ask him how he feels about you. If his feelings are not the same, you can walk away and not wonder how he felt. Although it would be painful at the time, it would be well worth it to know for sure. And who knows, maybe you'll find out that he is crazy about you, and is just having cold feet. Hope this helps.
posted by Jennifer (age 39) on 10/13/2008

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