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"he doesn't know me"
there is this guy who im totally in love. my friend goes to school with him, i have never met him, but talked to him on the phone and saw pictures. but i've never met him, and im obssesed. is this bad? what should i do?
posted by Sabrina on 10/5/2008 @7:34:50 PM •
thats funny, when i was a sophmore in highschool there was this boy that was actually interested in my friend and at the time it was summer before sophmore year and they talked on the phone all the time and since she wasnt interested she gave me the phone and i really got to know him.. randomly one day we ran into eachother at school and realized we were the ones on the phone.. that night we went to a football game, from there is history we dated for 2 and a half years.. he was my high school sweetheart..

go meet the guy.. hang out go on a date whatever.. just give it a shot, you could end up falling in REAL love. :)
posted by chelsea (age 19) on 10/5/2008
It sounds to me like your lusting or falling in love with the mans pretty words. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear but wait until they do what you want or need them to do before you start falling in love. Your going to get your heart broken that way.
posted by ashley (age 22) on 10/5/2008
there's nothing wrong with meeting him! especially since your friend already knows him, and he's not some kind of criminal or creep. just in case, though, i'd probably take your friend (or somebody) along to make sure (even if you know for sure he's not a threat, better safe than sorry).
posted by jon on 10/6/2008

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