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My father and I have a great relationship. At least I thought. When him and my step mother got married he didn,t even invite me to the wedding. That hurt me badly. My step mother recetly died. I miss her dearly. i had to plan the furneal and that made it even more worse for me. But what bothers me now is that my father has put me on the back burner in his life again. My step mother has only been deceased for 5 months and he has married again. However, he did not invite me and he don,t even no that I no because he have not told anyone. I am friends with the pastor that married him. What gets me is that he did not even call my son to say merry christmas or anything.What I want advice with is how do I tell him mt feelings, without it coming out the wrong way. Oh, I forgot to say that he is not only my father but my pastor. He is not acting anything like the father that I no. I don't no what to do? It's his life he can marry whom he want to but 5 months. Like I said there is a lot more, but It would take up more time then I could possibly write here. If you have any advice I would be more the grateful. It's funny because I am the one that usually give advice. Thank You and God Bless.
posted by Mitchell on 12/28/2007 @5:49:59 PM •
Im not going through the exact situation u r but my father hurt me bad too. Im not an expert but i think that if u want to tell him how u feel maybe u should write him a letter or write u'r feelings down and reherse them before u tell him. i hope my advise helps.
posted by N. on 12/28/2007

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