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"wedding fiasco"
My 27 year old stepson Jason is getting married in 3 weeks so we just found out today. Jason called his father today and said to him "IF you won't have a picture taken with us and my mother alone then you will be asked to leave the wedding". My husband is upset that Jason wants to put him in the uncomfortable situation like that since he knows that his mother and father had a difficult marriage. They have been divorced for 8 years and both are remarried and happy. I thought that he should just get in the picture with his ex-wife and grin and bare it but he does not want to and I really don't blame him afterall. Why would a guy at his age want a phony picture like that?
posted by karen (age 48) on 10/6/2008 @4:51:18 PM •
Coming from a divorced family, i sypathize with Jason on this one. Sometimes you just want your mom and dad to get over themselves and their own problems between the two of them for two seconds and think about their child. He wants his mother AND his father in his wedding pictures, is that SO bad that his own dad can't get over himself for two seconds to take a picture? It doesn't matter about what happened between his parents in the divorce that shouldn't be brought to their son's wedding. I don't know if you'll agree but i definately can see where he is coming from.
posted by traci (age 20) on 10/6/2008

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