life advice (post new situation)
i dont know where im going in life. no one likes me. i hate myself im fat ugly and soooooooo dumb i just need some help or im gonna DIE!
posted by prudence (age 105) on 10/6/2008 @7:18:00 PM •
Here's some advice, stop calling yourself fat, ugly, and dumb. Confidence in yourself is attractrive to most people. Believe in yourself first, then everything else will fall into place. If you don't like the road you're on....choose a new one. It's that simple. When you look in the mirror in the morning tell yourself you're beautiful even when you don't believe it, say it to yourself every single time you look in the mirror, you are beautiful no matter how the rest of the small portion of the world you live in sees you. Eventually you will start to believe it, and live more confidently, which will draw people's attention, i promise you that. Just stop letting other people get you down. Seriously? What does everyone else's opinions have to do with your life? Nobody can hurt you emotionally, unless you CHOOSE to be hurt. If somebody says something negative about you but you don't take any offense to it...what have they done but said a few words? Let it go, be your own person, and stop listening to what others say.
posted by traci (age 20) on 10/6/2008
well find someone who has the same intrests as u and they will probly like u
posted by nunya on 10/7/2008
ok, chill hunn. i was the same way. i was so emo, i was cutting, i felt so fat, i wanted to die. but then i went to high school and gainded confidence, and you should too. at times i do feel extremely ugly and fat, like last summer for example: i became bulimic* and starving my self. but its all good now. im not like skinny or an ythng, i got some fat on me, but idc. put some makeup on, be confident, people will like you. i promis you that. now i have soo many friends, everything changed for me, it could for you to. :)
posted by Brielle (age 16) on 10/7/2008

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