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"from N."
Im having sexual cravings all the time and i want to have sex for the first time, protected of course but my mom keeps telling me that i should wait even though im 18 and i know im ready.
posted by N. on 12/28/2007 @6:33:11 PM •
Even though i am younger than you. Your mother and you are both right. if you want to have sex then just try talking you your mom about it and just tell her you would be careful and use protection. Hope you take my advice!
posted by just some help on 12/28/2007
dear N.....i think that if you are 18 then its is legally your decision and it sounds like you are aware of contraception and being careful. if your not on the pill i would suggest it because if you go and talk to a doctor they will advise you that the pill and condoms are the way to go...I understand you dont want to hurt your mum but your 18 now and your finishing school or you have so in reality your at the adult end of the scale. i think its good your honest with mum but if you have a good circle of friends and your hanging with the right people its definelty your choice and if its with a decent person your dating that your mum gets to know then i say go for it.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007
here goes...i know that you feel as though you are ready, but are you really? do you know all of the risks you are about to face? pregnancy, std's (sexually transmitted diseases) and some crazy strong emotional attachments are just a few. i am 21 and know a lot about all of that stuff. not because i decided to have sex, but just the opposite. when i was in high school, i saw everyone around me make crazy mistakes because they were 'ready' for sex. 'ready' because sure, they were ready for the action part, but not ready for anything else. now many of them have babies and none of them are with mr. i'll be with you forever...just be really careful. look up stuff, know what you're about to face. don't feel like i'm trying to deter you from something that you apparently want so bad, but i just want you to be realistic. sex is more than a good time. waaaay more.
posted by mindy on 12/29/2007

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