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"All twisted up."
So theres this guy that I've known for about 2 years and we've always had a "thing" for eachother. We finally dated this year, which didn't last very long (friday-sunday). Because he got mixed signals from me. Well now he has a gf, but he still flirst with me and says that he hopes that we can be together again. I told him that there is no point in continueing this game that we have going on and that i'm just going to try and get over him (which isn't working so well) Now i'm left in a confusion because I don't know if I like him or what. When ever I talk to him, I get butterflies. But at the same time I know that I'm probably going to get hurt, so I've been holding myself back from him and pushing him away.
I'm just a hot mess!
posted by Tracie (age 17) on 10/7/2008 @3:10:11 PM •
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