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"why does highschool cahnge it "
i was that one girl that got the bot that everyone wanted that boy that goes from girl to girl i held on to him for 8 months and he cared so much for me throught out all those months now he dont even care he moved on and now he sayss he loves "her"
posted by melanie (age 14) on 10/8/2008 @3:54:40 PM •
hmm, well he probably doesnt mean he loves her. because love is deff, a strong word. ppl say it even when ty dont love each other. so dont worry, he doesnt love her, its just bull****. and if he still talkes to you, and if you guiys have a friendship thts good. if u dont, then build one, bc its better then nothng. :)
posted by Brielle (age 16) on 10/8/2008

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