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"My Parents Butting Into My Sex Life"
I am 18 going on 19 and recently decided to become sexually active with my partner who I have known for 5 years and feel completely comfortable with. My mom saw a pack of morning after pills sitting in my purse and snooped around when I wasn't around to find my whole stash of birth control. She is terribly upset that I lied about wanting to wait on the sex bit... and I am denying it all. I don't trust her enough to admit that I have been having intercourse regularly and don't feel guilty about it. My excuse for the birth control and used morning after pills is that I have been experimenting and have come so close to actual intercourse that I decided I needed to be prepared because it was going to happen sooner or father believes me, and as for my mom who know...Should I feel guilty? They say the thing that angers them is that I should have told them I was having sex, but as far as I'm concerned, that's my business! What do you think?
posted by Liliane (age 18) on 10/8/2008 @6:58:28 PM •
i think its your business too. i lost my virginity at 15 and its not like it has anythng to do with my parents. i'v lied to, we all do. so its ok. as long as you tell her somtime. it does hurt to lie, i know, but its better then hurting thm, or thinking your irrisponsible. good luck, and have fun :)
posted by brielle (age 16) on 10/8/2008
I believe you are in the right. Your parents have no business knowing your personal life. You are takin the right precautions and seem to know what you are doing so you don't have to explain yourself to them and you shouldn't have to lie but if you do its understandable but if you decided to tell them the truth tell them you are a big girl now and they need to understand its a natural part of life and its not like you are not being cautious about it.
posted by CJ (age 20) on 10/9/2008
firstly, are you living in their house? if so, it is their business. i agree that you should be able to make your own decisions, but have you ever thought that sex eventually affects more than just you? i do give you props about the precautions that you have taken, but if sex is really ok and something you don't feel guilty for, then tell them. that way, you keep their trust and don't have to feel bad about things you choose to do. i know you say their is no guilt on your side, but really, would you be asking for advice if there wasn't? not trying to be smart, just think about it...
posted by devan (age 22) on 10/9/2008

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