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"Married Boyfriend"
I am dating a man who is married and have been for alittle over 2 months. When we met he was seperated about to divorce. Since then his wife has threatened suicide and is now back at home. He also has two kids. When he does divorce, his ex wife and kids will move three states over, so hes not in a hurry. I love this man very much and I truly believe he loves me! Ive been married, divorced, and have dated and Ive never found anyone I feel this close to, never anyone I love this much, never anyone who I feel this connected to. I don't want to rush him into divorcing and seperating from his kids but I don't want to be the other woman and I don't want to lose him. Please help!!
posted by Marie (age 31) on 10/12/2008 @7:36:43 PM •
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