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"Friendship betrayal"
I have a friend who I've only known for a couple of months. I unfortunately am a trusting person. This friend desperately wants my job. I recently found out that she is quite dishonest. She is spreading lies about me at work, in the hopes that I will be fired, and in the hopes that she will get my job. She is also trying to use sexual favors with the bosses to gain my position. I have a reputation for being an honest, hardworking person, but she is extremely cunning and determined to sabotage my reputation and my career. I've tried going to one of the bosses with this information, stating only facts. It seemed that this boss believed me, but I'm afraid that I came across as emotional and upset. That wouldn't look good. How can I react, and disarm this person? How do I prove that my reputation and position is well earned legitimately? How do I reveal to the powers that be her true colors? I'm desperate here.
posted by Jennifer (age 39) on 10/13/2008 @6:05:16 PM •
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