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my girl friend's parents are geting a devorce and i dont know what to tell her to make her feel better.
posted by Desire on 12/28/2007 @10:17:34 PM •

my parents divorced when i was 13 and it really sucked. they fought over my 5 year old sister in the street one at each arm. they have never reconciled enough to even talk on the phone civilly. Depending on how your girls parents split there may be a lot of stuff that she wont know and her parents will be distracted with their own lives at some point. If this is true then try to distract her and take her out to the movies and for a picnic and stuff like that to make her happy. If shes still bothered then let her know its never her fault, If she wants their attention she shouldnt be afraid to let her parents know that she matters and to comfort them mite be a way to start the greiving process for herself. also if she is upset and she wants your advice just remind her what a good person she is and to continue on her journey of life because even though the poo may have hit the fan, she shouldnt feel guilty about doing well for herself.
posted by Jessica on 12/29/2007
all you can do is comfort her. just make sure she knows that you are there if she needs you, no matter when or why. be really sensitive to everything she needs. divorce is so hard for the kids and the parents often are less than thoughtful. even if she says or thinks something crazy (like it's all her fault), remind her that it's all gonna be ok, no matter how hard it is now and you will be there the whole time. i wish it were easy and you could just say 'it's gonna get better' and she would feel so much better, but it's just not that simple.
posted by jennifer on 1/11/2008

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