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"irritating boyfriend"
i was with this guy for about 7 years. we have a 5 year old daughter together, and I have 2 other children on my own. I work full time, and also pursuing my own business which is doing pretty good. He doesn't help me with chores or with the kids. He works full-time at night, and sleeps all day, which is fine with me. But when he has days off, he sleeps all day and never spends time with us. If his friends or family calls, he gets up pretty quick and goes. Let me also mention that while I was pregnant with his daughter, he cheated on me twice. I know I should get rid of him, but he threatens to take away my daughter and also do harm to my apartment. what should I do?
posted by Trish (age 33) on 10/16/2008 @12:31:29 PM •
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