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"i need help !!!!"
i am pregant by a man that is married and has two kids what do i do ?
posted by jamie (age 21) on 10/16/2008 @4:34:43 PM •
i know someone who was in your same position. she had the baby. why? because it wasn't the baby's fault it was conceived under such weird circumstances. you obviously knew pregnancy was a possibility and ignored (or didn't do enough to prevent) such an occurence. it's not my place to run you into the ground for being so lousy as to chose a man you knew was married with kids, but i can't feel sorry that your in this position either. do what is right and remember a baby didn't put you in this place; you put yourself there.
posted by stacy (age 20) on 10/19/2008
What you should do is decide to tell friends or not. If you already did, discuss with them if abortion is the right thing, unless you dont think it is. Do whats best for YOU not him.
posted by Lexi on 10/26/2008

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