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"forgive or forget?"
I've known this guy for 2 years. We've always had a "thing" for eachother, and we eventually dated, but it didnt work out. A month later we started "talking" again, and then i found out that he's been living with his ex gf for a month. I've always had trust issues with him so this just blew me over the top. For the past week he's been begging me for another chance, even though i've givin him several before. I've put him through hell in the past week becuz of this, and I'm not sure if i should give him another chance. I don't really like him anymore then a friend though, just his kisses, lol. So what should I do, cuz i'm super stuck on this one.
posted by Tracie (age 17) on 10/16/2008 @6:16:41 PM •
well if uv givin him many chances befor then give him an other one...he'll probably mess somethng up with you again. and if u dont really feel anythng towards him anymore then ditch him...hes not worth it. if hes good at kissing and w.e. then find some othr hottie thats good to dont giv him anothr chance
posted by brielle (age 16) on 10/18/2008

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