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"discharge from the marine corps..."
Yea, I'm two years into my four year contract with the usmc and I'm facing a possible "other than honorable" discharge for getting a dui and receiving oral sex in front of two other people. My family has no idea that I'm in any kind of trouble whatsoever. I'm the lowest rank that there is and basically have no real job anymore. I'm going to alcoholics anonymous and trying to make myself look as good as possible so that they dont kick me out. I'm really depressed and I can't shame my family. If I find out that they really are going to kick me out, I've decided that I'm going to commit suicide. I've lost my brother over this last year and My mother is having a lot of medical problems and I cant bear to add to her stress. If I get kicked out it means that I'll never really get a good job and I won't have any benefits.
posted by scared. (age 23) on 10/17/2008 @7:58:25 PM •
suicide will add to your mother's stress, and everybody else connected to you and your loved ones. don't take the selfish way...

if you are discharged, it's not like you have to share every single detail of what happened... regardless, you've learned something. sometimes minutes of what seems to be fun can mess something up for a long, long time. you've got a better understanding of what it means to take unnecessary risks than a lot of people...
posted by jon on 10/17/2008
yea, i agree w. jon. Killing ur self will give other peopl stress, and u dont wana cause anymore stress towards your mom so dont do that. iv lost alot of friends and family due to suicide and it sux to lose somebody that way, so dont do that. and keep tryng to look good like that, they'll take that in a good way. and when i went to rehab the court took it as me wanting to do good for myself. so that turned out good. but if they do kick you out, ull find somewhere to go..dont worry. i was depressed and still am a lil, but things will get better..they always do. so just take the high road and make an effort.
posted by brielle (age 16) on 10/18/2008

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