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"my own life"
ok i'm really tired of being to afraid of doing what i want to do. im afraid of what my mom would think, im afraid of what my dad will think. im tired of trying to please them. I just need to break away and be free and live my own life. I feel like im dying. I am of legal age to do what i want to do, live were i want to live, but i dont know what to do. I want to move in with my boyfriend but he lives in another state. Im 18 so it's legal. But im afraid of what my parents well do and say.I just need some advice and help. I want to live my own life. What should i do, follow my heart or just stay were i am and continue to live the way i do now, afraid to do anything.
posted by Erica (age 18) on 10/17/2008 @11:02:20 PM •
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