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"why do i like him"
theres this kid i got with over the summer and last night he texted me and was like **** after the gaME AND I SAID YES!
but after the game i never went but he never even texted me to ask were i was or anything soo now im upset that he never even tried to contact me and i jsut wanna get with him again but idk how do i get him!
posted by patricia on 10/18/2008 @12:40:47 PM •
if you wanna get with him, it's easy. most guys will get with any girl that's offering. that doesn't mean, though, that he actually likes you. he just likes the act. i'm sure you weren't the only one he texted for that service last night... you just weren't the quickest one to respond. next time, if you want to be the girl he uses, you have to act fast.
posted by jon on 10/19/2008
are you serious? is that okay? sometimes you may need to think past the right now. why would you do that? is it going to make you feel better about yourself when you give him whatever sick pleasure he wants then he drops you (and he will)? is that something you want to tell your future kids about? please PLEASE think about 20 years from now and where you'll be after giving in to every guy who comes your way. will it be cool to have ever sexually transmitted disease under the sun? do you even know about that stuff?

i have a friend who had a "fun" little fling with "mr. right now" ONE TIME and now has herpes. HERPES. a disease that becomes your's something that can make you sterile, deliver blind babies, pass is on to your kids, give to every sexual partner you come in contact with, and will eliminate many of your possibilities for a husband (because herpes will be passed on to them and they will acquire everything that comes along with it). she had no idea this creep had herpes. and you know what? she made one stupid mistake and will live with it the rest of her life. and of course, he "just forgot" to tell her...

i know it seems really spontaneous and exciting to get with this guy, but please think outside of this moment. you are worth more than that.
posted by stacy (age 22) on 10/19/2008

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