relationship advice (post new situation)
well, i recently had a lil boy born, my mother attended but she was not there the whole nine months. she recenlty started acting like she cares but she stopped by at the hosiptal to see the baby and i can tell it in her face she had something to say. so we went and talked and she was saying how the baby doesnt look like me and i need to get a dna test but i know for sure in my heart and mind that he is mine. what should i do?
posted by Rishaun on 10/19/2008 @2:17:29 PM •
For your mother to say that the baby doesn't look like your is completely out of line. I know you love your mother, but you need to stand up to her and say "this baby is mine whether you like it or not" and say other things that also make your heart ache. Spill out your hurt feelings to her and maybe she will finally accept it.
posted by Lexi on 10/26/2008

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