relationship advice (post new situation)
"need help with guys"
i like this guy who likes me back but won't ask me out and i'm too shy to ask him.we flirt alot during school and after but thats all. what should i do?
posted by brenda (age 13) on 10/21/2008 @10:03:57 PM •
ok, well if ur sure he likes u back then ask him and 2 othr friends( 1 girl , 1 boy) to like go to the movies friday... itll work ;)
posted by brielle (age 16) on 10/23/2008
I used to have the same situation with my boyfriend before we started "going out". What I did after a long time of flirting was asked if he could come over with some friends and my friends would be there too. Eventually we started talking and learning more about each other and he asked me out a week later. so my advice, have a party with his friends and yours and start talking and getting to know him! hope it works out let me know.
posted by Lexi (age 16) on 10/26/2008

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