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"nuva ring/late period"
i started a new birth control (the nuva ring) and was instructed to remove it every 3 weeks and during the week without it i am to get my cycle. i removed it fri. the 17th and it is now sun. the 26th (my 10th day after expected period) and i have not yet gotten my period. i have taken 2 at home tests, both read negative. i am however getting tired more often, mild headaches and my breasts are slightly sore. today i am having cramping as if i should begin my period.

i also made an appt. with my doctor and the urine test there also came out negative.

could it be too early to show? i am confused and somewhat upset because i thought i may be pregnant and now may not be.

any advice/opinions/comments would help-
thank you all
posted by cierra (age 21) on 10/26/2008 @3:58:46 PM •
youre not pregnant. birth control is a ginni pig drug. some BCs on some girls just dont work and when i say dont work i mean they just mess your cycle up and mess with your body. believe me ive been there. i wouldnt trust BC because its an unpredictable drug and can make you unfirtl in the long wrong.
posted by michaela on 10/28/2008

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