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well my boyfriend is going to turn 16 and im going to turn 19 and we do love each other we do but we did something very dum that we totatly regret but before i tell you what happend after let me tell you that his mom hated me ever since i started going out with him but she would hide it for her son .anyways when she found out what hapend that day she came over to my house
and she told me that she did not want me to be with him again and i was to emotional to talk to her i just told her ok. but my boyfriend started getting in contact with meon my birthday by my best friends house phone which is my boyfriends uncle but i was friends with him before i stated going out with my boyfirend. and my boyfriend told me that he talk to his mom and it was cool that we could go out again i tought he was telling the truth.
Because later my boyfriends sister found out told the mom and she started getting mad telling me why am i talking to her son and stuff, ever since then i havent talk to my boyfriend for like 2 weeks but i still do talk to his uncle and he everday that my boyfriend says he loves me.i love my boyfriend hes amazing i dont want to losse him I really want to fix thinhgs with the mom but i dont know how?
posted by samantha on 10/27/2008 @1:36:23 PM •
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