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"no idea what to do "
i met this girl in college on the first day of classes. ever since then we have been growing closer and closer together as friends. however i still had immense feelings for her and wanted to be in a relationship. the one twist is that i realized that i was better to her as a friend than somebody who wanted to be with her. so for about two months i bite the bullet and suppressed my feelings for her.within this time period i did tell her how i felt and how i thought i was much more valuable as a friend to her. I thought it was for the better good. however these feelings never went away. they only got stronger. she trusts me with everything and she considers me her best friend up here. my dilema is that i want to be the best friend i can be with her, however these feelings are stronger than ever, and i cannot be the best friend i want to be. this is because i get jealous when she is around other guys. i know its not right but thats the way i am feeling and i can't stop it. the best thing for her is the absolute worst thing for me. i have no answers
posted by Aj Reyes (age 19) on 11/4/2008 @6:59:12 AM •
Your partner should always be one of, it not your only best friend. Being incredibly close is an excellent thing to have when going into a relationship because you already know so much and understand one another. You would be risking your friendship though if things didn't work out and you ended breaking up. But with your feelings where they are at. I think you owe it to yourself to at least talk to her about them. Let you know you don't want to lose her friendship and you love having her in your life but you find that you really do want more with her and was wondering if she felt the same. you can even say if not you'll still be there for her but at least you asked and wouldn't wonder "what if." Be honest in life. Its the only way to truly be happy. Take chances Love is worth the risk. and go for it. If your as close as you feel she will understand either way no matter what her answer may be. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! no regrets!
posted by ashley (age 22) on 11/9/2008

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