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I broke up with a guy that I loved so much 5 years ago because he cheated on me. Now he has returned and says that he never forgot me that he still loves me and his asking me to marry him. I feel I still love him but I don't feel I have forgiven him. So my question is if go back with him is the relationship going to work because he cheated. I think he cheated back than because alot of people use to tell him lies about me and some people use to tell me lies about him too. But I don't know, I want to forgive him but don't know how to start?
posted by Kassandra (age 25) on 11/6/2008 @6:23:45 PM •
Hey Kassandra.
I dont know if this will help you out at all.
But I wanted to give it a shot since I have been in the similar situation without the marriage part.

-But heres my advice:
I honestly dont think you should go back with him.
Because if he was shallow enough to believe the lies what makes you think he wont do it agian even if you are married.

And from experience I went back with the person who did the same to me and it didnt work out too well.

But I wish you best of luck!.
posted by Natilee (age 17) on 11/8/2008

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