relationship advice (post new situation)
"major dilemma "
hello there,someone please help me!!
i have this major major crush on one of my best friend, it started when we had a fight and it was because of me, but he was the one who apologise and that made me see him in an whole diff way, i didnt expecthim to be that sweet..
the problem is that im having a major life exam in 2 days we prob never see each other anymore after this after school closes...
and oh yeah forgot a few details...
he is in the same hostel room as me so we see each other pretty much everyday....
help me please..
he and me are both boy and im not gay,
im not sure if it really is a crush, just a strong feeling of grattitude attraction toward him right now... please help...
posted by stressed (age 17) on 11/8/2008 @7:55:43 PM •
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