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"cant get thru to my mother"
well me n my mother dnt get along n im ok dat we never will. but the thing is she making me go to dis skoll dat i really hate, n she knows i hate it. d skool she made me leave wasnt bad at all. she tricked me into goin to dis skool im at now. she had said if i go dis skool n ma lil sister get in , i could leave. bt guess wat she was lying. now im stuck at dis skool i really hate, n yes i hav tried to jst do wat i hav to do to till i graduate bt its hard. especially since d people in the skool are 2faced n tlk too mch. includin i live far 4rm d skool n i hav 2 depend on ma mother 2 pick me n i dnt like depending on people, including ma mother .
posted by myiesha (age 16) on 11/12/2008 @1:33:49 PM •
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