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"The Father who is always right"
Im 21 years old and this is my story...
It all started 6 years ago,my father started having problems with his company and he would always throw his tantrums on my family,i have 2 elder sisters.he would get upset over the most ridiculous things such as,why isnt the rice cooked nicely,or y is the music so loud,he never lets us go out with our friends or whatsoever.he hits us all the time if we were to do something father is a good man,i know,he provides alot for us,i feel he just do not know how to handel his day he caught me talking on the phone when everyone was a sleep,he redail the number i found out i was talking to a boy,he started hitting me so hard,he punched me,he dragged me up the stairs,he threw a weight scale on me,he did all sorts that at the end of the day i was so bruised up,i had no space left for another mom didnt let me go to school for a week so my scar would heal,so that no one would question me,my teacher saw it tho,she wanted to report my father but i didnt allow it.and when i finally was allowed to go to school,i ran away..i manage to run away for 3 days only till my mom found me,things were horrible in the house,both my sister left the house after awhile cuz no one could take it anymore frm my father,i was the last one left until finally i was old enough to survive on my own,i stayed away for 2 years on my own,my father fell sick between that 2 years and i went to see him in the hospital,but i was not allowed 2 becasue the docs didnt wanna cause him more stress.after 2 years my 2nd sister decided to go home,and my father gave in,and then i decided to come home after awhile,and i talked to my dad,and according to him,it was all my fault the family was im currently working with him,but he is not paying me and he does not allow me to work anywhere else.i wanted to study too but he didnt allow that,both my sisters had the advvantage of studying and going overseas.but all this problem started when it was my turn to,he still does not allow me to study and im worried that,if anything were to happen to himmm i will have nothing to fall back on to,he still treats me and my sister like kids,we are not allowed to come home afetr 11pm,we cant do anything that we want 2,boys are not allowed,things like that,i decided to give in,but even thou,he still treats us like crap despite his terms and conditions im still here trying to make things better,but when something upsets him,he does not talk to us n make us feel real dumb.there is no way of talking to him at all,he is always right,no one can tell him otherwise,even my mom is giving up.i need a solid future,but im not getting really worried to what i should do.i know there are far worst problems thats others may have,but please..i really need advice!
ps:my eldest sister has not returned home till now and i have not seen her for 3-4 years already,and there are many things i left out but i didnt want my post to be extreamly long sorry!
posted by Sally on 11/19/2008 @8:24:32 PM •
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