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"Found Money"
2 money orders were found in the parking lot where I work, worth almost 1000 dollars. The purchaser filled out their name and address on them, but the handwriting is beyond terrible and cant be identified. I have tried to make a match using employee records with no luck. An email sent to all employees (identify the amount and who they were made out to to claim) has gone unanswered after 3 days. What should I do now? Its not like I found $5 on the street, we are talking about $1000. By the way..I work on a military base. Some hard working, under paid Soldier is out $1000.

Military police said they cant do anything. Rather than throwing them away, I was thinking of cashing them and giving the money to the base food pantry (provides food for military families in need). Everyone else says "finder's keepers" and would spend the money for themselves. How else can I try and find the Soldier who lost the money orders and what should I do if no one comes forward??
posted by Lynn (age 35) on 11/21/2008 @9:14:47 PM •
Whoa. That's pretty crazy... And it's a very noble thing you're considering.

Do you think calling the local news may be helpful?
posted by jason (age 33) on 11/24/2008
Wow. That's a good chunk of money.

I'd wait 4 more days. If no one claims it in that week, then go ahead and donate it, like you were talking about.

As for something more you can do, maybe a Lost & Found column in the paper???
posted by Athena on 12/21/2008

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