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"What should I do with my parents??"
Hey my name is Anyi and I have many question to ask u .But I will like to make this nice and short .My mother finds any excuses to talk about my boyfriend .She always talk bad things about him but she always brings up the following .That he doesn't work that he doesn't have his license .That I should get a better boyfriend ect .I am 17 and He is 19 my mother .He currently has been trying to get his permit but he keep failing it he says everytime is harder but he doesn't give up .My boyfriend is a very good gye my family love him they think his a really good gye .But my mother totally thinks he the oppisite .I don't know what to do anymore .I tried to talk to her write her letters but she never changes .what should I do ."
posted by Angie on 12/29/2007 @10:00:16 AM •
i think you should do what makes you happiest. don't let anyone else determine what your life choices are/will be. just be aware that something that makes you happy now may not be what makes you happy later in life, but that's ok. you are so young and have your whole future ahead. i'm sure your mom wants what's best for you, but she really has no way of knowing what is best. i hope that makes sense.
posted by jamie on 12/29/2007

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