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"stessed and VERY DEPRESSED."
IM a 16 year old teenager and feel like ive had enough... im seriously dying inside. I go to school everyday and then come to work at my dads restaurant.. Well i pratically own the place. I get all the fuss from every1 and i cant take it anymore. I work long hours when i come from school and i feel that no one undrestands me.. THey dont understand that im not a full time worker .. i have school which my parents push me hard into making good grades. I feel liek they dont understand at all. I have to stay very late at night just to study. I have worked and made good grades since i was about in the 6th grade. Ive had enough.. no one understands me at all.. Im stressed out everyday just because of all this im losing all of my friends because all i want to do at school is sleep.. I seriouslyyyyy have had enough ive even thought about dying and this scares me alot... i feel like no one cares about me or what happens to me.. i need help and advice.!
posted by ADVICE (age 16) on 11/25/2008 @9:26:18 PM •
It just feels like nobody cares about you. And one of the worst things about being in high school is that you feel everything way way stronger than somebody just a few years older. That doesn't mean your feelings aren't valid, it just means it feels way way worse to you... So - as far as the customers in the restaurant who yell at you - they're all idiots. People who fuss at others like that are just dumb. And since they're so dumb, try not to take it personally... As far as all the stress with school and so much work - maybe you can talk to your parents about how difficult it is to work so much and maintain at school. Maybe then your hours at work could ease up a little... As far as your friends - I'm sure you're not losing any. It just feels like it because you're working while they're hanging out. Maybe you could tell your closest friends how the situation feels to you, and they'll have something really positive to say... As far as the thoughts of dying - you're probably thinking more about sleeping than dying, because you have to be worn out!

I know it feels horrible. Just hang in there, and talk to people that care about you (you know who they are).
posted by jon on 11/26/2008
i sorta know how you feel my dad is uuh its like i get a B on my report card and hes like you need to get straight A`s you know and school is hard and im playin sports and when i was in 5th grade i had two B`s and hes like do you wanrt to play softball (by the way softball is my fav sport) he said he would take me out of it and when i got to my house i live with mom my parents devoriced i started crying and i was like could he really take me out of it i couls write more but i dont think i should because my dad has been through alot and F Y I i was crying a little bit when i wrot this
posted by jessica (age 14) on 11/30/2008
DUDE!! I feel the exact same way. its like between school,work,and sports there is no room for anything,expecialy getting out your feelings. its wierd how perants still think school is just like wat it was back in the day. well they are on crack cuz it is defenetly not! the stuff that they learned in high school my brother is taking in 5th grade. and they dont have as nearly as much drama as they did back then. you know killing yourself may seem like the last resort for you but if you really think about it.....way would you want to? you are gonna be an adult in wat?....2 years. thats not long. then you wont have to worry about the grades or your fussy parents. alls you will have to worry about is you. just think you will get out of high school,have some fun for a couple years experence wat its like to be in the real world. then ask yourself do i still want to kill myself? and you will so NO WAY! life is so much fun and all the **** that happens wen your a kid will get left back in the kindergarden years. dont look back look forward and always look ahead. you seem like a pretty chill person and you dont need to be thinking about killing your self at your age. hang in there. i believe in you...=)
posted by victoria (age 17) on 12/1/2008

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