relationship advice (post new situation)
I have been in a relationship with a man for over a year now. Everything is going smoothly. We have talked about our past relationships and where we have been in our lives. So we know each other quite well and are comfortable with each other. Yet there is a need for me to have to figure out everything that is done or is said to me. For example, I am totally freaking out because he has a picture of a naked woman as his wallpaper on his computer. I think back to early on in our relationship when he had a picture of a naked woman. The next day he changed it and said that he doesn't need to look at her because he has me to look at. What is making me freak out even more is that he changed his password and has me log in seperately on his computer. He just seems so distant at times. He is an alcoholic and he has troubles with that sometimes. When he drinks he just stays isolated in his room. I wonder if he is distant because of craving alcohol. That stuff is just evil. Yes, I know I should just talk to him but I have issues with telling people what I feel. I just hold it inside. But then is it something worth talking about? I don't want to sound whinny and crying for nothing. I'm just confused and don't know what I should do. Maybe I am just being dumb.
posted by Mary (age 25) on 11/27/2008 @1:57:29 PM •
Thanks a lot for all the advice... really, couldn't have done it without ya'll!
posted by Mary on 11/30/2008

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