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"this guy"
ok im 13 and there is this guy i really liked but idk if he liked me back then when i found out that he did i was like omg and he was reallt sweet about it so we went out 4 idk how long but if his friends made fun of me but just for fun girls you know how guys r so he would laugh by the way his name is brandon and would not answer his phone but he answered if my best friend called him (which he likes her too they went out twoo yrs ago but he cheated on her (and she hates him now) anyway we broke up well i broke up wit him and he said he still really liked me alot tooo but how can i belive him i just realy want to know what you think of it thanx people
posted by JESSICA (age 13) on 11/30/2008 @3:59:41 PM •
hey, i know how you feel. and its so cofusing cuz you like him so much but at the same time you are kinda tricking yourself into thinking that he likes you to. believe me if your best friend went out with him and she hates him dont ever go out with your best friends ex....bad iidea. it causes so much drama and you will end up losing your friend over some guy that is mutual. i say stick with your freinds and ditch the guy if anything just be freinds with him dont go any further. it wont be a very good relaationship.
posted by victoria (age 17) on 12/1/2008
ok im the girl who ;posted the question thingy and she is the one who pushed me in to goin out with him
posted by JESSICA (age 13) on 12/5/2008

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