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ok so i went out with this guy and it was going so good. but one day i went to go meet up with him and we were about 60 feet away from each other and we were on the phone with eachother still. and then he stops and askes me if i knew the coler of his pants, so i said blue and he said no. and i said well i dont know wat coler they are and why does it even matter. and he says because and if you dont tell me the coler of my pants im going home. so at that point i was so angery i hung up on him. and a few minuts later i text him to say sorry and he says......."well every bad desition has a conciquence so we are over. i was so devistated that i didnt know wat to say let alone do. i liked him so much that i still talk to him and i still like him with the same strong feelings i had for him a year ago. so about a mounth later he asks me if i still loved him and i said yes.....and in a very mean way he said "well i think it is about time you get over me so im hooking you up with my best friend. and i said no i dont want to go out with your best friend. i told him "look i will meet him but im not going to do any thing with him". so we meet up and im with a couple of friends and long story short i ended up kissing his best friend. but wen he found out that i did he freaks out and calls me a ****. but alls i can think about is that he isnt over me. but he got so mad that he didnt talk to me for about a week but finaly he calls me and all of our conversations start off so friendly and then he starts calling me all these names and it sucks because wen we went out i was like gold to him and know he treats me like an item. but wat my biggest problem is that my jelousey got the better of me and i went onto his myspace account and read his messages and he told about 5 or 6 girls the same things....."i love so much i dont know wat i would do without you in my life" and i got so mad because i felt like he was doing that to me wen we were dating. like i was a booty call. so this one girl told him that they were gonna run away with eachother and she loved him. but he has this ex girlfriend i HATE... so i prtended to be her saying that they still loved each other. but later i felt so guilty that i did that so i messaged her back saying that i was joking and that its not true.....but the thing is is that she is so mad at him for playing a trick on her but it was me who did it. i feel so horrible that i did that cuz nobody would ever expect me to do anything like that. not even myself. i feel like such a hipocrit that i would cry over the girls who would flirt with him and cry over him breaking my heart. wen i just did the same thing to him. i need help on wat to do!im so cofused and so ashamed. i want to tell him the truth but im afraid of wat he will do. should i move on? and how do i move on? is it wrong to love him so much? was it wrong of me to do that stuff?
posted by victoria (age 17) on 12/1/2008 @12:55:42 AM •
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