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"Cant Choose Between 2 wonderful men.."
Ive been with this guy for close to 5 years now, we have been pretty serious. I broke up with him a few weeks ago because I needed my own space and I wasnt enjoying being in the relationship. Now I met this other guy who is amazing in everyway, but the stability of living arrangments, and job isnt there with the new guy. My ex is the one that has the good job, and I live with him and my mom. They both treat me like gold and respect me. The new guy talks to me about the relationship ive had and is willing to wait for me if need be, but he really doesnt want to. I am completely torn. Do I go for the guy that I know and I have a comfort level with him, but i dont know if im completely in love? Or do i go for the new guy that has all the same interests that I do, that I have fun with, but doesnt have a car and a not so good job? I know I am the only one that can make this decision.. i just cant see my life without either one of them
posted by Miss K on 12/2/2008 @10:51:43 AM • mom always said that if you have two guys to choose from but yet you cant seem to choose then neiher one of them is right for you..
posted by teela (age 17) on 1/30/2009

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