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okay so, me and this guy were together for about a month or so, then we broke up and got back together about a week later. And we're still together, but everyone keeps telling me he's not worth it. And that he just constantly lies to me but yet he tells me that he ain't lien. BUt a wek or so ago, i caught him with one of my "friends" and another girl and a guy, he says they were just goin to get cigs. but after all that we broke up...and then i ended up taking him back and he now tells me that he told her to stop tallkin to him at all, but i dont know for sure if thats true or idk if i should stay with him still and how to find out if he really did tell her to **** off and leave him alone....helpp pleasseeee
posted by samantha (age 14) on 12/2/2008 @3:07:00 PM •
Well first of all girl you are way to young to worrie about if you want to be with him. Your still and you and plenty of guys are going to come your way. Dont waiste your time on him. Forgive and forget him
posted by Claudia (age 24) on 12/5/2008
Listen let me share something with you that i learned a long time ago. Your friends aren't telling you these things to ruin your life. They want the best for you and see that you can do WAAAYYY better than this scum bag. Listen to your friends hun. You'll end up way better off.
posted by traci (age 21) on 12/8/2008
Your 14 . Move on hunny. . He's a smoker . ? Gross and plus if he's with your friends its never good. You'll find someone way better
posted by bre (age 24) on 12/21/2008

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