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I have a daughter who is 5 years old and who was raised by different man that is not her biological father. The man who she has been calling daddy for so many years is now into drugs and alchol and is doing bad with his addictions. Ive tried talking to him so many times and asked him to please stop the drugs and the heavy drinking for our daughter but dosent listen he denies being addicted to anything. In results i stoped his visitations with our daughter because of it. Its been about a month now sence he seen our daughter he calls every other week and askes to speek with her but i never let him speak with her i make excusses why she cant come to the phone, because if i let her speak with him she's going to want to see him and i dont want her around that kind of BS So last night the craziest thing happend. to make matters worse my mom is in a bible study group and their held at my mothers house and my daughter always been in the group when ever they come around N.e way they were going around the table asking if anybody want to say any prayers and it was my daughter turn to say i prayer and she said " I pray for my daddy i love him and i miss him i hope i see him soon" as she cried. What do i do? I know that her daddy and misses him very much.
posted by CLAUDIA (age 24) on 12/5/2008 @4:27:08 PM •
Please let her know her dad. I know he has a problem with that stuff but atleast let him come over and see her or something because i haven't seen my dad since i was seven years old and even though i know he's a hardcore heroine addict i still wish i could see him everyday. My mom told him not to come around anymore because she thought it would be best for me and even though i know she did it to protect me, i still wish she wouldn't have done that. So please just comprimise somehow and let him be there for her, especially for the fact that it seems like he wants to or he wouldn't be calling every week.
posted by traci (age 21) on 12/8/2008
I think your doing the right thing, I'm sure your completely capable of taking care of her without him seeing you have made such a great decision already babe. If he loves her he should take advantage of this time and get clean because before you know it he could kill himself if he keeps doing what he is doing. As for your daughter, tell her he's gone away or try and distract her. . Even if she is sad. . At least she won't have too have him around and be even more sad when he's gone forever. Don't blame yourself either, your doing a good job.
posted by bre (age 24) on 12/21/2008

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