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"I don't know what to think or do"
I met this guy once, who's my friends brother. After that, I told her that I am interested in him, and apparently he's attracted to me too. But since we live in different cities, he thinks it's too complicated to get into a relationship so we never talked after that one time. Right before going back home for summer, I stayed at my friend's house for one night and that was when we met again fro the 2nd time. I watched movies with him for most of the night until we eventually hooked up. It's been a week since I've been home but haven't heeard from him since. I know I don't have the same phone number back home but he could have facebook me or somthing.. I don't know, I'm just confused and don't know if I should try to get in contact with him first. I really like him though, and my friend clearly stated that he is interested too.
posted by veronica (age 19) on 12/15/2008 @11:00:36 PM •
I say give it a bit more time then get into contact with him for sure. . You can't keep holding onto something that might not be there love. Stay strong for one more week and get in touch with him. . If he doesn't want anything at least you tried but then again it could be the best phone call you ever make!!! Goodluck
posted by bre (age 24) on 12/21/2008

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