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"Who knew it would end like this."
I've been best friends with Corey sense I was in the sixth grade, and he was in seventh. Now I am currently a Sophomore, and he is a Junior. Basically when I was in 8th grade he told me he was in love with me. We talked for quite a bit, sadly it didn't last long. We lost touch for about two years after that. At the beginning of the the school year we started getting close again. Which lead to us talking about finally being able to be with eachother, after all, we have been in love with one another for 5 years now. We thought we could of made it work sense we knew just about EVERYTHING about eachother. But I guess people change, we lie, we talk mess about one another. Just this Tuesday, December 16, 2008 was the day we finally stopped for good. I was so broken hearted with the way things ended, it lead to cutting myself. He knows now, and told one of my very close friends , and I quote "I thought she was a strong good girl." He told me he was mad at me, and questioned me on why would I do something like that. He says he cares. But currently he is apperantly talking to this Freshmen girl. I saw them walking in the hallway after school one day, and I don't know what it was but it broke me so bad. They weren't holding hands or anything, but I'm for sure they are talking. I don't know what to do. Or how to handle this. I need help, help me fix a broken heart. I miss him 
posted by Ali (age 15) on 12/18/2008 @6:49:42 PM •
dear ali,
iv been down that road b4 and believe me you should not be cuttn urself! ur only 15 so ull find anothr love, a tru love..just try to let him go. and hes a tool for liking a frosh as a junior thts gross. dont worry about it, ur friend
jamie ;)
posted by Jamie (age 17) on 12/19/2008
no guy is worth hurting yourself or anyone periode i know this is something that you may not want to hear but you need to let him go.
posted by claudia (age 24) on 12/30/2008

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