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"Please do not judge me"
been married for a couple months. but been togther for 2 yrs. me and the husband just partied in THE DRUG SCENE and then i becam pregnant! we have a 7 month childoe who is our WORLD he is amazig. my husband doesnt make me happy. His family do drugs as well and i dont want my son around what i consider "mental" 55 year old mom does drugs with all children around her other grandchildren! NOPE not my babies. help!!! need advice from an outsider.
posted by Kaylee (age 21) on 12/18/2008 @11:35:49 PM •
If you haven't already talked to your husband about this, you definitely need to.

If you don't want to stay with your husband, don't do it. If you stay with him for your son, it's not worth it. It won't do anything for your son.
posted by Elise on 12/21/2008
well it kind of sounds like he might not be your child, much as you love him.
either way, the other father contributed to your child's reckless abandonment, so i think that either way he belongs to you as long as you have gotten out of drugs. not even cigarrettes are acceptable for children. i suggest finding a good lawyer and divorcing your husband for full custody of your little boy.
posted by izzie on 12/23/2008
Girl... I know exacly what youre going threw unfortunetly im going threw same thing but i actually had the courage to leave him even thow it hurt like hell because regardless of all this BS i love that mother ****er but regardles how you feel your baby comes first no questions asked you do what you think is best your a smart girl and you have to do whats best for the baby, as for me their father get suppervised visitation right as well as his family.
posted by Claudia (age 24) on 12/30/2008

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