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"love stinks"
i just broke up with someone last week and he meant a lot to me. i thought the best way to get over it was to see someone else. i made a date to meet with a crush from highschool. i waited 3 hrs. in the rain. he eventually showed- his reason for being late: his friend showed up with a bottle of johnny walker black. wtf is wrong with me? what do i say since he wants to see me again? please don't laugh. this is embarassing enough as it is!
posted by jc on 12/29/2007 @9:52:15 PM •
say 'no'. if you aren't even dating or anything and he can already ditch you, that's messed up. tell him he's welcome to go on a date with johnny walker black. haha.

really, though, say 'no' and date someone who will really care about you, not some booze.
posted by sami on 12/29/2007
Say no.. I think the best way to get over someone is time.. as boring and as hard as that seems And surround yourself with positive people who treat you well. We treat others how to treat us..
posted by Harriot on 12/30/2007

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