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"lost my verginity"
ok i had sex with my bf and he came in side me what do i do if i cant tell my mom or anyone cuz im only 15...
posted by erika (age 15) on 12/21/2008 @2:22:26 PM •
I suggest you learn to say "cum" in you not "came." Buy condoms ****! You should never have unprotected sex. You could get pregnate and die.

posted by star (age 484656) on 12/21/2008
The only thing I can idea I have is the Morning After Pill. Of course you'll need someone over 18 that can buy it for you, but they have it at any pharmacy & you don't need a prescription. Make sure you take it within 72 hours, though.
posted by Elise on 12/21/2008
I had sex at your age and I was afraid to tell my parents also but that is the best thing for you is to tell them because you could end up in a situation like I found myself in. I got pregnant at 15 and it was because I did have sex and didn't. Take birth control so if anything you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from getting pregnant if I knew what I know now I would have waited

posted by Brandi (age 23) on 12/21/2008
You can't even spell virginity so you shouldn't even be having sex.. Go to your doctor, get the morning after pill and get on some sort of birth control if your going too do it again. . Then maybe wear a condom:
posted by Jessica (age 21) on 12/21/2008
U guys should of used protection. But whatever whats done is done. I hope you dont end up pregers and use protection next time.
posted by Claudia (age 24) on 12/30/2008

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