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So growing up was awesome, I was amazing at everything I set my heart on then one day a boy came along and before you knew it I fell in love and had a whole new world of friends and fun. We dated for 5 years, and yes I will admit he made very big mistakes but I grew up in a family that worked on problems so I wouldn't say I forgave him but after a while I did let it go. We were happy and he helped me thru tons of challenges in life. . Such as death and abuse. . We broke up in Sept when we decided too both go back too school and get degrees. I miss him more then anything else is the world and can't understand why he left. He says its because he wants too spend his life with me and we both need time for ourselves right now before we can get really serious. My friends see him out and he never does anything he just always hangs with his college baseball team and guys from campus! I truelt believe he has changed his nasty ways that he had in the past but got I could never see him with anyone else but mr. I have tried too date others myself but I just want him. I don't know what too do, is it fair he broke my heart? And for the past month since we started getting in touch again it seems like we just fight? But its not me, I dono what he is doing or what I should do but I miss who he use too be and I'm not sure why he is hiding that person from me. . . Any advice?
posted by briana (age 21) on 12/21/2008 @9:50:02 PM •
apparently he just wants you to get over it for now.
boys are like elastic bands.
they are really close for a while and then they start to stretch away to feel other things and you have to let them because if you do they will come springing back like they are made out of rubber.
keep it up, but if he tells you he doesn't want to date you again or anymore, respect that because that's his decision, and you can't change it.
posted by izzie on 12/23/2008
Well Briana i think that you guy are both young and need to be focusing on school more then anything boys will be boys and you cant get hurt or offended for that you should know better than that dont let him get to you. if you really love this man then just be his friend thats the best thing that you could.
posted by Claudia (age 24) on 12/30/2008

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