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people say im pretty. but i think im not. and everyone that says im pretty is georgous and have boyfriends. but i dont have one. how do i get a guy?
posted by Caitlyn (age 13) on 12/26/2008 @7:40:11 PM •
Your 13, focus on yourself and later on when your single and all your friends are dating you'll be the successfull one while there tied down. Love will come when its ready and don't await around for it, enjoy your lifetime.
posted by briana (age 21) on 12/27/2008
hey your still young your only a 13 you dont need to be thinking about those kind of things yet everything will come on its time. I know you see your friends with their boyfriends and it makes you want one but trust me when your read he will come.
posted by claudia (age 24) on 12/29/2008

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