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"Another Woman"
I have been married to a man for 1.5 years. He has a female friend who he has known for over 10 years. After we married, we went back to his hometown to visit and I met her. When my husband stepped away, she told me point blank that she still wants my husband. He use to write to her via email, now he just calls her. He tells me there is nothing there, but it still bothers me. What do you think?
posted by Andrea (age 34) on 12/28/2008 @8:58:22 PM •
Wow.... This lady has no respect... I cant believe she would tell you that.. Obviously that lady dosent give a rats ass if you guys are merried but that dosent mean your husband is cheating as long as he isnt acting weird or anything i mean believe me if he was cheating you would know it. Your female intuition kicks in so dont sweat it he loves you he merried you right and beside dont let that physco **** cause any problems in your mariage. Talk to your husband and let him know how you feel im pretty sure he will understand. I have always said communications is a big part of a relationship.
posted by claudia (age 24) on 12/29/2008

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