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"me, him and the other"
I was married for over 16 years, living good financially. My husband and I had rough tough times with each other, we disrespected each other verbally and even physically. I met this guy who i started having an affair with, I've been seeing him now for 2 years, he is 11 years younger than I am, but I love the way he is, I've had lots of fun with him. I never had that kind of fun with my husband. Now I feel I made a mistake by getting a divorce, because I feel I miss my husband. I have 3 kids, the oldest(16 years old) hates my husband, her dad, the middle one (9 years old does not hate him but is frightened to think we might go back, the little one (6 years old wants daddy back). What do I do?????
posted by amiga (age 36) on 12/31/2008 @4:26:46 PM •
Amiga i know what your going threw im going threw the same thing kind of. I was married for about 6 years and have been separed for 9 months i have two children with my husband their ages are five and one my daughter adores her fathers and misses him very much and wants us to work things out and my baby well hes just a baby i dont think he misses his father. I had the same problem with the verbal and physical abuse it wasnt crazy physical abuse but what ever it was regardles its abuse and trust me the kids are better of this way..... The little one will get used to the idea just as long as he still comes around to see him never second guess your self your doing good keep up the good work just try to get daddy more involved with the kids thats what im doing even though it may be hard sometimes to get along but your kids are worth it seing their faces when daddy comes around make everything worth it just try your best to get along. Remember what you do and say has a big part in your kids life and these are their childhood memories.
posted by Claudia (age 24) on 1/2/2009

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