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"friend zone. "
well i reallly like this girl. but this girl just wants to be friends,but idk i mean she texts me everyday early morning til late night, she always wants to be around me, she told me that she thought i was hot, but still she says she doesnt see me more than a friend. i mean i see her everyday almost and she loves to be around me and she totally gets jelious when i am around other girls. she flirts with me non stop but shes just so hard to read, and i realllly reallllly like her. i mean im nice to her, romantic, ive even shared how i felt about her but nothing and shes in my head 24/7. i just dont know what to do.
posted by Travis (age 16) on 12/31/2008 @7:26:57 PM •
well, maybe u shld tell her to stop being a tease around u..bc if she rlly doesnt like u thn its unfair toward u so tell her to a nice way :)
posted by gabbi (age 16) on 1/1/2009
of course this girl likes you shes just playing hard to get why dont you trying playing hard to get for a chance maybe then you will find how how she really fill dont caller for a couple of days or text her a while then see what happens. keep me update i would like to know what happend my email address is garciaclaudia55~AT~****
posted by claudia (age 24) on 1/2/2009
Well, i think you should just wait a while and see how she acts. If she keeps acting the way she does then tell her that if she likes you then for her to tell you and dont be afraid to. If she says that she doesnt like you once again then tell her to stop acting like it because she is sending off the wrong signals.
posted by Hannah on 1/10/2009

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