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"Is something wrong with me?"
I am 26 and really healthy. I don't excercise as much as I should, but who does? For the last few weeks, I have been so tired. I have been getting off work and going straight to bed. My diet has stayed the same. I don't feel sick or anything. I am not really keen on going to the doctor, but I'm thinking maybe I should.
posted by Amanda on 12/15/2007 @3:53:10 PM •
I would advise to go to the doctor if you cannot determine what is going on. It could be an underlying health problem or depression. It could be that you are just working too hard. But wouldn't you want to know for sure?
posted by Jillian on 12/18/2007
AMANDA go to the doctor. it could be serious. on the other hand, make sure along with your diet you go to bed early and dont overstimulate yourself, mabe take some time without tv or computer in your life and replace it with music and baths. think about how much you have been working as well, you could just be overworking yourself. if your coming home and feeling like you need to sleep straight away you might want to get an anemic test you could be low on iron. it often makes you tired no matter what you do. Its just a blood test so u should be fine...unless the reson u dont want to pay 50 buks to go to the doctors try and encorporate more red meat into your diet and go for a walk everyday start at 10 mins.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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