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"Friend hates Husband"
I have been married for 11 years. Recently a close friend of mine hade a dissagreement with my husband. My friend has told me that she can't see my husband again, but wants to continue being my friend. Although, I care and love my friend we have only been friends for 2 years and she tends to be high stakes in her friendships. I also feel that she is being too judgemental in regards to my husband.. And I feel her opinion of him is standing affects the way I feel about her. She told me that the way she feels about him is a separate isssue to our friendship, but I dissagree.. Am I being difficult?
posted by harriot on 12/30/2007 @8:33:49 AM •
The relationship with your husband should always come first. Especially if you aren't even long-time friends with her. It sounds like she is just wanting to cause drama. Some people need lots of attention. If I were you, I wouldn't be the one to give it to her. Let her know that either she needs get over whatever is making her upset or leave you alone. Most people don't want added drama in their lives. She will either straighten up or leave you alone. I know that sounds bad, but she might get between you and your husband and that's not ok.
posted by Jordan on 12/30/2007
No you are not you've married longer then you've friends with her.If she doesn't like your husband that changes everything as he is the man you love the man you can't replace.I'm not saying you should stop being friends with her but I think that your husband and this friend should sit down and talk about what this argument was about for the sake of your friendship with this person and your marriage.Both your husband and your friend should agree to it if not then trick them into being in same place at the same time and force them to talk about it lol.
posted by Fiona on 12/30/2007

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