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"to love or not to love...that is the ?"
Should a 14 year old girl love a guy in another state?
posted by Lauren (age 14) on 1/10/2009 @6:50:17 PM •
i just have to sayy i would love to help you but i cant cause i was never in tht postion sry laurenn p.s. ur awesome (: !!! yayaaa
posted by rebecca (age 14) on 1/10/2009
It's unsafe, and unhealthy.
You can't really love someone unless you know know them- and everything about them. And that point in a relationship could only be reached by spending a healthy amount of time with the one you like...
Sorry, but I don't think it can be REAL 'love.' But then again, it depends on the two people involved.
posted by Chrissy on 1/10/2009
posted by angela (age 16) on 1/10/2009

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